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  1. Appeals and Motions to Modify the Divorce Decree
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There are two minor children born to or adopted by the Parties. The wife is not now pregnant. The court also has jurisdiction to determine child support. The bonds of matrimony now existing between the Plaintiff and the Defendant are dissolved on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, and the Plaintiff is awarded an absolute decree of divorce from the Defendant. The parties have executed a Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan, which settles all property, debt and child issues of the marriage. The Court incorporates the attached Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan as the complete settlement of all issues of the marriage.

Name Change. Wife will retain the last name of Meriwether. The only reason this may not have happened is if the parties were still working on the decree and just wanted to get the agreements on the record.

Appeals and Motions to Modify the Divorce Decree

If you want, please give us a call and I am sure we can figure out what is missing and why the court is still asking you to appear. I divorced my husband two years ago because he molested my son and is in prison. In the divorce I got his pension and the content of the house and out buildings. Now, he wants his pension back to have money in prison.

He says I committed perjury and fraud with the divorce. I followed the directions from the court.

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Before the divorce was finalized but after he read the divorce, he had someone to take everything out of the house and out buildings. What should I do or expect. He is in Utah state prison and I live in Wyoming. Lynda — You should consult a local attorney for this type of question. I am not familiar with Wyoming law and not licensed to practice in that state. Id go to victim witness and get some protection. As a survivor of domestic Violence and abuse and now an RN I know my topic.? I live in Oklahoma and signed my divorce decree in December I had just lost my mom the week before and feel now that I signed under undue distress.

The divorce has been 4 long years and we were married 50 years. Can I file an appeal or a complaint to modify the divorce decree? Ruth — You should certainly seek some assistance from an attorney in your state to see what your options are at this time. There are time limitations for filing appeals and certain conditions that need to be met for filing modifications.

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I am divorced as of December 19, in Maryland. Can this be reversed? If so, how much time is left? Ramesh — You should seek counsel in your state as I am not licensed to practice in Maryland. A decree does not have an expiration date. It is a final order that will remain in effect until a different Order supersedes it.

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  8. What will Be the fine or punishment? I received a decree of desolation of marriage but still my lower just informed me about final hearing which is about to take place but the court has not send me anything showing of the decree was an was not final or not anyone with information to help please. Albert — It sounds like you have an attorney; and therefore, you should contact them immediately if there is a final hearing on your case. You should be present and informed about what is happening in your case. Go to the court adress mentioned on your court papers. If you dont go on time tge judge will make a decision which you might not agree with.

    I divorce my husband via publication since he refused to be serve. He now wants to reverse the marriage and change it to annulment instead. He was abusive and a terrible man. Now he has hire an attorney to reverse the divorce and try the anulment. I got the divorce in Florida and he now lives with his girlfriend in New York. He left me for another woman 2 years ago. Can he do that. Normally if you get your i etc through the marriage and you are abused you ARE allowed to file these forms to get the divorce based on your being abused. After 4 years of going through the divorce process after 29 years of marriage arranged marriage when I was 19 and he was 30 , our divorce was finalized two weeks ago.

    The process included parental alienation with him indulging and pampering our daughter and letting her get away with everything and painting me as the bad guy rules and consequences enforcer. My daughter was 16 at the time and these kinds of games went on for two years until she was emancipated. After that, there were overseas investigations because he owned businesses overseas.

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    The investigations proved inconclusive. When we first got married we had nothing.

    Fifteen years into the marriage he became successful and made good money. But he was very controlling and never shared financial information with me or put my name on accounts. After the signing of the divorce decree, I realized he had cashed a considerable amount of money from our stock portfolio. I am now angry that my lawyer did not have my name put on the account so that I could have known and been involved in decisions about whether or not to let him cash stocks. I also am upset that my lawyer did not freeze the account when he cashed a considerable amount of stocks 6 months ago.

    Is it too late to reverse the decree to investigate whether i should be awarded some of the money from the stocks he cashed? You should certainly contact an attorney in your state if you believe there were funds undisclosed during the divorce process. It could be a way to reopen the case and nullify the decree. Since small claims has a limit different in every jurisdiction file one at a time. Better yet if he sold them at profit let darling IRS know. I am only licensed to practice in Nebraska and Iowa, so I cannot give legal advice on other states.

    As an RN I offer to review legal files from a medical standpoint. I also offer expert witness testimony services. If I can be of service please feel free to get in touch, if you are allowed access to my contact info email only please I just offer my goodwill opinion on various blog sites because I think theres enough goodness out there. My husband filed for divorce in Kansas.

    1. The Basics: What is a Divorce Agreement?

    I lived in Nebraska at the time of filing and could not afford an attorney to represent myself. His attorney did all the paperwork. We were married 18 years of which I was a homemaker without income for the last 10 years of the marriage. His attorney insisted that I sign the papers giving me a percentage of his k at retirement age. There was no mention of any portion of his pension for me in the divorce decree.

    I believe I was bamboozled into thinking I must sign what was put in the papers from his k rather than let the judge determine my portion of monthly retirement benefits which would have amounted to a significant monthly increase. Would a tort apply in my case? Yvonne — You would need to speak with a Kansas attorney about this case as there may be other options available. Janetta, I am sorry to hear of your situation, but we are not licensed in Kentucky. Your best option would be to speak to an attorney in your state.

    Can a final divorce decree be modified if I have evidence 2 years after the divorce that she had an affair. Including signed affadavits from the guy she had an affair with and a couple that witnessed her having sex with this gentlement where event his gentlemen confirms. I am paying a lot in alimony and it is not permanent. What are my options? No way can the courts keep me paying for something that she should not have been awarded and I now have evidence of her infidelity.

    Jamie, Nebraska is a no-fault divorce state, as are most others, which means infidelity, no matter the proof, would likely be irrelevant to the judge presiding over your case. Alimony is usually based on the elements listed in your state statutes so the court would only be looking at these elements when making an alimony determination.

    I was never served divorce papers nor did I ever sign any thing. How can I get this reverced. My father filed for divorce in Oklahoma. My parents owned a home in Nebraska.

    Termination of Marriage and Legal Separation in Ohio - CLAS

    Father died. Does second wife have to maintain the house, pay taxes and insurance? We would have to see if there were other conditions listed in the decree and see what kind of interest in the Nebraska property the mother was granted. Can a final divorce decree be reversed in Hawaii? I have been under a lot of stress due to chronic pain. We both want to reconcile.