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Yes, you may uncover a lot of dates and information.

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There are sources found in libraries and websites that can help you along the way. Please gather together all of information about your family that is available before investigating the Montana vital records. You are just starting your family tree, so there is no reason to try to blindly fill in the blanks of your great-great grandparents yet. Write down the names and pertinent dates of your spouse and your children at the beginning of your activity.

If you do not know the pertinent dates of your spouse and your children, then you really should. By doing this simple task, you can see your tree beginning to sprout. Do you still have contact with grown siblings? You might just discover that a relative is also interested in your ancestors.

Birth & Death Certificates

You can make the family tree a family project. Once you have all of the names that you can find on your own, you can now visit the Montana vital records. Advanced Research for Your Family Tree A common question that beginner genealogists ask is this: what are Montana vital records?

The Treasure State has the birth and death dates of its citizens available to the public. Birth certificates and death notices offer legal proof that Montanans existed. The facts found within are pieces of evidence that can go into your family tree. These important artifacts give precise information for the family tree that you are creating. The adventure of perusing the Montana vital records begins. The evidence found within these records can be found in one location. Dabbling on the internet can get you to this invaluable resource fairly quickly. Why apostille the document in New York instead of Montana?

If you upload a photocopy of the document we will notarize and apostille the photocopy in New York City, because the notary and apostille have to be form the same State. Apostille photocopy service information. If you have any problems uploading your document due to size or file extensions complete your order without document uploads.

You can email your document to luis apostille. Apostille photocopy. Upload a copy of the birth certificate. If you have difficulty you may send us the document via email to luis apostille. I was not adopted. I was born out of wedlock and my mother had my birth certificate amended once she married. I think I send a letter to the judge there? Is there any other way to find out how to do this other then the phone?

I live to far away to go there in person. Hi, TerriAnne — Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on your particular situation, as the laws and processes regarding unsealing birth certificates varies widely by state and even by county. You might reach out to a local attorney in Los Angeles County who can explain the options available to you. Your situation is soooooo similar to my boyfriends. He was adopted at age 2 by a seriously abusive man his mother married.

Background of Montana Vital Records

We recently found some info that leads us to believe that this man may have actually been his birth father and not the man that he was told was his father. We are curious to see the original birth certificate so we can see if the other man was ever listed on the birth certificate or if it was left blank. The abusive husband that adopted him was killed when he was age 4.

Clerk & Recorders Office

His mother is also deceased now. The main question we have is why go to the trouble to adopt if he was actually already his father. We can only figure that since he was born in a time where you had to be married to have the fathers name on the certificate that his mother just lied about who his father was and then later had him added to the certificate after getting married. Hi, Marissa — If your adoption was finalized in Los Angeles, you will want to contact the county clerk there to start the process of unsealing your original birth certificate. It was a closed adoption and my adopted parents claim to have little information regarding any family history.

I am looking to find information on my birth family whether that be grandparents, siblings, or parents for medical history.

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  8. And to see who I look like, any advice you can send my way. I have been looking for about 4 years now. Hi, Caitlin — Your best bet would be to contact the county clerk in the county in which your adoption was finalized. I was born in April,, in Henry county, Ohio. So far l have 1 healthy grandchild. Both my adoptive parents have passed. I have no desire to open a can of worms with blood family.

    I petitioned Fulton Co, Ohio court back in after my dtillbirth, but was denied. How do l proceed from here?

    Where do I request a copy of a birth certificate or death certificate?

    Because the process of opening adoption records varies by state and sometimes even by county, your best course of action will probably be to contact a local adoption attorney, who can guide you through this process. What would the procedure be in texas? My boyfriend was adopted by his mothers husband after they got married. So he was adopted, but still lived with his birth mother. We have the amended birth certificate, but are curious to see the original. We want to see if the name of the man he was told was his father is on the original or if it was left blank.

    Is the protocol different for adopted children who lived with one birth parent? Or would those records have still been sealed? My mom was born June 21 by my grandmother who was 17 at the time.

    Certificate of Live Birth vs Birth Certificate Learn the Difference

    Hi, Kaley — If your mother knows where her adoption was finalized, the first step would be to contact the county clerk in that county. Hi, Linda — Your best bet may be to contact a local adoption attorney for more guidance. Hi my name is Samuel E. Cook my wife has been trying to find and original birth certificate for her so that she can get the new license and a pass port. This may have taken place when she was between three and five years old. Her date of birth is June 9, I pray that you can help we are unable at this time to travel out of the country because of the passport problem.

    Because this process varies by state and even by county, the clerk can give you the best information for your situation. I am looking to find the adoption record of my 2nd Great-Grandmother. She was born in Why would this record be sealed if it was so long ago?