Obtaining a california marriage license in los angeles county

  1. Los Angeles County, CA Marriage License Information
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Once your application is received, your marriage licensed will be issued immediately. There is no extra waiting period once your marriage license is issued. You can go and get married in Los Angeles County, or anywhere else within the state. Your Los Angeles County marriage license will eventually expire if not used.

You have 90 days to use it once it's been issued. Your expired marriage license is no longer valid. You can get it reissued from the same Los Angeles County office you submitted your original application to. You have to be at least 18 years old in order to marry without getting consent from a parent or legal guardian within Los Angeles County. If you're below the age of 18 then you must bring at least one parent or legal guardian must accompany you. Bring a certified copy of your birth certificate too.

Keep in mind that if you were not born in California, you'll have to order your certified copy from your state or country of birth. Otherwise, order it from the CA county of your birth. No, blood tests are not a requirement for getting a marriage license in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County, CA Marriage License Information

If you were married before, provide the date of your divorce or the date your spouse died. Have a certified copy your divorce decree or death certificate in hand when you arrive to complete your application. As with birth certificates, divorce and death certificates can be gotten from your local vital records office where the divorce or death was recorded.

If it occurred in Los Angeles County, get it from there. Otherwise, get it from the proper location in whichever state it took place in. When you get married, you'll be provided a marriage certificate filed in Los Angeles County which provides proof of marriage and is the primary document used to facilitate the name change process.

You'll use it to complete your name change across various government and non-government institutions. See below for a list of persons authorized to receive an Authorized Certified Copy. Those who are not authorized may receive an Informational Certified Copy with the words "Informational, Not a Valid Document to Establish Identity " imprinted across the face of the copy.

Informational copies are not available same day.

Office of the City Clerk

They will be mailed within 20 working days. Copies of confidential marriage licenses may only be obtained by parties to the marriage or by order of a court. Otherwise, copies of confidential marriage licenses are not obtainable.

Records from this office are available for marriages licenses issued in Los Angeles County since The fee is nonrefundable; a " No Record Statement " will be issued if the record is not found. To request copies by mail, please complete the Application for Public Marriage Record for mail only see below or the Application for Confidential Marriage Record see below. If you do NOT live in California, please have the notary strike out California on the Certificate of Identity and put the state in which the form is notarized. It will be accepted with the change. Include a pre-addressed stamped envelope with your request.

Out of state checks are accepted.

Officiant for Weddings

Please be sure to sign the application as well as the Certificate of Identity. Failure to do so may delay the processing of your request. Most mail requests are processed within 20 working days from the date the request is received by this office.

A Marriage License and Ceremony All In The Same Place

The processing time does not include the delivery time to and from the office, weekends or holidays. Photo by Vojtech Okenka via Pexels. VitalChek can be reached through its website, www. You must complete and send in the required Certificate of Identity as you would with a mail-in request see above.