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  1. NJ Real ID and You – What you need to know for NJ Real ID and NJ Motor Vehicle
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Services vary by state and AAA club, according to the non-profit organization. All AAA locations in Pennsylvania allow drivers to title, register and get license plates for vehicles, and four locations are equipped to issue photo licenses.

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Lines at agencies in Rhode Island have been shortened through AAA offering driver's license and vehicle registration renewals while that state is upgrading DMV computer software, said David J. AAA officials in other states said they're waiting for their DMV to upgrade computer systems so they can offer satellite services, similar to New Jersey.

NJ Real ID and You – What you need to know for NJ Real ID and NJ Motor Vehicle

Larry Higgs may be reached at lhiggs njadvancemedia. Follow him on Twitter commutinglarry. They need to have a verifiable Social Security Number, they need to provide one document as proof of address and they need to provide identity documents that add up to 6 points according to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission guidelines. It is a federal requirement for security purposes that MVC scan the documents and keep them securely stored in an encrypted format.

Your identification documents will be verified and, under certain circumstances, shared with the federal government. The MVC recommends you visit the agency during the middle of the month to potentially reduce your waiting time.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

So check the website to see if you can skip the trip to Motor Vehicle. The MVC is increasing staffing so that it can serve people more quickly if you have to come to the agency in person. Sample of a current New Jersey license plate.

New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles. New Jersey portal.