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Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc.

At the same time, user's environment will be fully functional, and user should not feel in any way restricted. No adjustments to user's scripts are needed. CageFS will cage any scripts execution done via:.

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If at any time you decide to uninstall CageFS, please make sure you follow uninstall instructions. That last command will create skeleton directory that might be around 7GB in size. Without changing this option, cPanel will create new accounts in incorrect places. Command line tool would need to be used for other control panels. Once you initialized the template you can start enabling users.

By default CageFS is disabled for all users.


Starting from cagefs If this variable is not set in either file, it will default to 0. It is strongly advised against setting this variable in cloudlinux. You can find more information on fs. Mode 1 is convenient for production operation, where you want all new users to automatically be added to CageFS. Mode 2 is convenient while you test CageFS, as it allows you to enable it on one by one for your customers.

Per user virtual mount points. Filtering options for commands executed by proxyexec. Moving cagefs-skeleton directory. CageFS template will be mounted for each customer. The template is created by running:. That can be done by using --addrpm and --delrpm options in cagefsctl. CageFS creates individual namespace for each user, making it impossible for users to see each other's files and creating high level of isolation.

The way namespace is organized:. This is useful when you need to give each user its own copy of a particular system directory, like:. Starting with CageFS 5. This can be specified for each user. To specify virtual mount points for a user, create a file:. For example if we have Plesk Sometimes you might need to make sure that directory containing all users would show up as containing just that user inside CageFS.

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For example, if you have directory structure like:. CageFS 6. This new mounting mode is enabled by default. You can switch to old mounting mode by executing the following commands:. This is needed by CageFS to create safe home space for end user, where no other users are visible. This is useful on the systems that support sites with multiple users, with different home directories inside the main 'site' directory. You should execute cagefsctl --remount-all in order to apply changes to CageFS i.

This directory is mounted to CageFS by default in cagefs In addition to that, the location is hard coded inside PostgreSQL libraries. When installed, the module is automatically installed for following services:. You can disallow a user in CageFS to execute specific commands with some specific dangerous options via proxyexec.

IPv6 Addresses in Configuration

If the path to the program being executed does not match any path specified in the config file, then default parameters are used. Some software has to run outside CageFS to be able to complete its job. This includes such programs as passwd, sendmail , etc. CloudLinux uses proxyexec technology to accomplish this goal. Also, a reserved word noproceed can be used, it will intend that wrapper is not in use installed before - applied for the commands with several ALIAS , as in the example below. Example of a simple command executed via proxyexec :. Example of crontab command execution with custom wrapper under root privilege escalation.

The command uses two ALIAS , that is why in the second line noproceed is specified instead of wrapper name. Sometimes hosters may have users with non unique UIDs.

Where Direct Mail Works – Recent Statistics

Thus, proxyexec may traverse users directory to find a specific one. That behavior turns into inappropriate if users directory is not cached locally for example LDAP is in use. Inside that directory, create a hosts file, with the content for that user. Just run:. You can configure tmpwatch to clean custom directories inside CageFS.

For cPanel servers, CageFS version 6. Those session files will be deleted, that were created or had metadata ctime changes more time ago than it is specified in session. For Alt-PHP versions session. For new installations of Alt-PHP packages, session. When using EasyApache 3, session. When using EasyApache 4, session. When different session.

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So, it is recommended to specify different session. Users can define custom value of session. The script cleans PHP sessions based on global values of session.

Enable sendmail mailstats - MDLog:/sysadmin

For Plesk servers, CageFS version 6. Cleanup script runs once an hour similar to how it is done in Plesk. If session.

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Session files lifetime is set by session. If it is not found, then seconds value is used 24 minutes, as in Plesk. Lifetime set in the file is only taken into consideration if it is longer than seconds, otherwise seconds is used. All the installed Alt-PHP versions are processed. If the script is missing or returns errors, then this directory is not processed. Here is a possible workaround for PHP session expiration problem session lives longer than it is possible in a control panel.

By default, all mounts from the real file system is inherited by namespaces of all LVEs.