Ap article on obamas birth certificate

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These AP articles were published between June 24th and June 26th, The Sunday Standard article was published on June 27th. Bebop: I took a look at those two links that you provided at the request of Sharon Rondeau after you made your earlier comment in this thread. Those two links you posted after Sharon asked for links to one to articles about Jack Ryan dropping out of the political race back then and do not support in anyway that I can see the allegations you made re the AP revising its prior article about Obama being Kenyan-Born, i.

Others in this thread, please take a look at those links.

The far-right theory has reached local talk radio and fake news websites

Does anyone see anything in those links that is relevant to this article posted by Sharon Rondeau and the AP revising history after Obama declared to run for President. Sharon, is there anything in those links that Bebop provided that adds any credibility to his assertion that someone in Kenya doctored the AP news stories over there? I think Bebop is an Obot type and is here engaging in gas-lighting in this thread. The far-left routinely accuses their opposition of doing exactly what instead they are doing. Typical Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals tactics.

Thank you, Bebop, for those two links. How not? Hi Bob: Reading it I see nothing in that paper addresses the national security concern which is innate in allowing a person born with dual-Citizen and attendant dual-allegiance to a country other than the USA to become the Commander in Chief of our military. Tracking down the original requires a Nexis search but many archived on-line newspaper sites retain the original item.

There have been numerous failed attempts to change the Constitutions requirement for natural born citizen for U.

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President and Commander-in-Chief. It worked, except for the failure of Hillary, the planned and promised in after Obama cover…….. The name of the PDF file is:. The only doctoring being done was done by the AP to remove the Kenyan born statement from articles it published after Obama declared he was running for President.

As Sharon Rondeau requested, please provide a link for your revisionist version of events regarding the AP story.

Birther Friends Forever: Why Trump and Joe Arpaio Are BFFs

Also see ProtectOurLiberty. Current: For the Presidential election — Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang do not meet the Constitutional meaning of natural born Citizen, that phrase that was aptly defined in four U. Supreme Court decisions. Ted Cruz did not meet the Constitutional meaning of natural born Citizen, that phrase that was aptly defined in four U. Finally it should be noted, that to define a term is to indicate the category or class of things which it signifies.

Hence every U. Citizen must accept this definition or categorical designation, and fulfill his constitutional duties accordingly. No member of Congress, no judge of the Federal Judiciary, no elected or appointed official in Federal or State government has the right to use any other definition; and if he does, he is acting unlawfully, because unconstitutionally.

He attended the very exclusive and expensive private Punahou School in Hawaii. Our glasses slid down the bridge of our nose, and the borders of that racism got a little fuzzy.

Obama admin spent $36M on lawsuits to keep info secret

Oh, it was still there, we said, despite the incessant refrains of post-racial America, but maybe it was a little harder to see. The edges a little softer. Dignity replaced by disgrace. Humility by hubris.

Not an Immigrant

Unity by division. Truth by lies. Healthcare first. A woman's right to choose.

Trump 'Very Proud' of Birther Movement

Our right to wed. Can water fountains and seats on the bus be far behind? Going high needs to mean more. To stop talking about post-racial America and actually create it, by finding the commonalities in that against which we struggle; the imminently real possibility that the rights we deem so inalienable are slipping away. You asked us to believe in our ability to bring about change, the way we believed in yours. Can we do it?

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